Installing Your Software

Welcome to becoming a 3D Printer Operator! Let’s get your computer setup with all the tools you are going to need for using your printer.

You are going to install 4 categories of software:

  • Firmware Editor
    • Arduino IDE
  • Printer Interface Software
    • Pronterface
  • 3D Model Slicers
    • Slic3r Prusa Edition
    • Cura
  • CAD Software
    • Autodesk Fusion 360


For Windows Users

Please create a folder on your desktop or somewhere you can access easily and store shortcuts to the programs we are about to install.    To create a shortcut, right click on an application and use the “Create Shortcut” button.  Move the shortcut to the folder you created.


For Mac Users

Please create a folder in your Applications folder to hold all your 3D Printing apps in 1 place.  To do this, click on the “Applications” folder in your tray, and click the “Open In Finder” icon.  Click the GEAR icon in the top center of your finder window and click “New Folder” and call it “3D Printer Apps” or something to this effect.

1) Firmware Editor: Installing the Arduino IDE

Click the Icon to go and download the appropriate version for your computer.

This is the software we will use to install your printer’s operating system and make modifications.

2) Printer Interface Software: Pronterface

Click the Icon and download the appropriate version of the tool for your computer.

This is the software that will allow us to control your printer and change settings.

3) Install Slicers

Depending on time available in class, we may cover 2 different free slicing applications.  Slicers take a 3D model and your print settings that you specify and create the code required to drive your 3D printer to make your part or model.


3a) Slic3r Prusa Edition

Click this Icon and install the right version for your computer.

Mac users want the .dmg and Windows users want the .exe file (probably the 64bit version).


3b) Cura

Click this link and install the software.


4) CAD: Installing Fusion 360

Download the free trial Here.  During this process, you will create an account with an email address.  This will also give you access to A360, an online site where all your Fusion 360 projects will be stored.

Follow the instructions Here to setup your Student or Enthusiast account depending on your personal situation.

That’s the last thing you need to install!  Your instructor will send you an email 1 week before the workshop with a link, sharing some important Fusion 360 files that you will need for class and check in with you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your instructor for help if you have any questions or difficulties.